Travel health insurance vs. comprehensive health insurance for international academics in Germany: A guide to making the right choice

For international academics working in Germany, choosing the right health insurance plays a crucial role in their safety and financial protection.

Two common options are in focus: travel health insurance and comprehensive health insurance. In this blog post, we will highlight the differences between these two types of insurance to help academics make an informed decision.

I. Travel health insurance:

Travel health insurance policies are primarily designed for temporary stays. They provide limited coverage specifically tailored to short-term needs. This type of insurance can be useful for international academics who are only working in Germany for a limited period of time, for example for conferences, research stays or teaching assignments.

Advantages of travel health insurance:

– Short-term cover: Ideal for temporary stays.

– Simple registration: Quick and uncomplicated conclusion.

– Cost control: Manageable monthly premiums.

Disadvantages of travel health insurance:

– Limited cover: less comprehensive cover compared to comprehensive health insurance policies.

– No long-term option: Not suitable for long-term stays or permanent employment.

II Comprehensive health insurance:

In contrast, comprehensive health insurance policies are designed to provide comprehensive medical care throughout your stay in Germany. This form of insurance is particularly suitable for international academics who work in Germany on a long-term basis or are even permanent residents.

Advantages of comprehensive health insurance:

– Comprehensive cover: High-quality protection for healthcare costs and medical treatment.

– Long-term option: Suitable for long-term stays or permanent employment.

– Additional benefits: Supplementary benefits such as dental care or alternative therapies are often offered.

Disadvantages of comprehensive health insurance:

– Higher costs: Generally higher monthly premiums compared to travel health insurance.

– More complex enrollment: May require more time and documentation to complete.

The choice between travel health insurance and comprehensive health insurance depends on the individual needs and plans of the international academic.

Short-term stays can be effectively covered by travel health insurance, while long-term or permanent stays are more likely to require comprehensive health insurance. A careful analysis of your personal situation and a thorough review of the insurance conditions are crucial to make the right choice and ensure both health and financial security.

At IHC-Company, we specialize in providing you with the right cover for your stay and your situation.

For stays of up to three months, we offer you the Short Term Travel HealthCare Plan (ISHCP-STT) with Foyer Global Health – for stays of up to four years, our International Science HealthCare Plan (ISHCP) in cooperation with Foyer Global Health.

We would be happy to advise you personally!

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