Private health insurance in Germany: A guide for international academics

Germany has a worldwide reputation for excellent educational institutions and a high quality of life. International academics who come to Germany to study or work face many challenges – one of which is choosing suitable health insurance. In this guide, we would like to give you a detailed insight into private health insurance in Germany.

I. How private health insurance works:

Private health insurance (PKV) in Germany works differently to statutory health insurance (GKV). Instead of income-based premiums, the insured person pays individually calculated premiums that are based on age, state of health and the selected scope of benefits.

Tariff selection and individualization:

In private health insurance, policyholders can choose from various tariffs and customize their insurance cover. This enables tailor-made cover that meets personal needs and financial possibilities.

Health check:

When taking out a private health insurance policy, a health check is carried out which takes into account the policyholder’s individual state of health.

People in good health can benefit from lower premiums, while people with pre-existing conditions may have to pay higher premiums.

Good to know: With the FLEXMED GLOBAL IMPAT TARIFF from IHC-Company, there is no health check and pre-existing conditions are directly covered!

II. Advantages and disadvantages compared to statutory health insurance:

Advantage of private health insurance in Germany:

a. Scope of benefits and extras:

Private health insurance tariffs sometimes offer a more comprehensive range of benefits with extras such as treatment by a chief physician, a single or double room in hospital and alternative treatment methods.

b. Faster access to medical care:

With private health insurance, policyholders often receive faster access to specialists and medical services.

c. Customization:

The ability to customize insurance coverage allows for coverage that meets individual needs.

Disadvantages of private health insurance can be

a. Sometimes higher costs for private health insurance in Germany:

Premiums can vary greatly – it is important to take a close look at the scope of benefits here.

b. One policy per person:

With private health insurance, everyone has to insure themselves individually – unlike with family insurance under a statutory health insurance scheme, where children are also insured, for example.

We are here for you!

For optimum protection, it is important to get good and comprehensive advice. We at IHC, the health insurance experts, are here for you! We specialize in scholarship insurance and suitable health insurance cover for international academics, international students, visiting researchers and visitors and offer you professional cover – so that you are well protected at all times.

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