ISHCP Tariff

Our International Science HealthCare Plan (ISHCP) was espacially designed in cooperation with Foyer Global Health for stays up to a maximum of 4 years.

ihscp Tariff

You would like to stay in Germany for a maximum of 4 years and you have a permanent residence outside Germany?

This offer is particularly suited for scholarship holders, guest scientists, language students, PhD students and students who are temporarily outside their home country in Europe for scientific project work and who intend to return to their home country.

Important: Economically dependant family members can be jointly insured in the contract together with the scholar on equal terms. However, The scholarship may not be subject to compulsory social security insurance.

  • Outpatient Services Deductible: € 20.- per consultation, per prophylaxis, per standard vaccination


  • Accident-related medical aids not including visual aids


  • In-patient Hospital Treatment general class, 3- or multiple-bedrooms, no coverage for private and visiting medical doctors


  • Rehabilitation measures medically necessary follow-up treatment


  • Local Ambulance Service for in-patient treatment


  • Dental Treatment Up to € 500.- per insurance year / 12 months


  • Dental prosthesis (8 months waiting period) 75% of the costs up to € 2,000.- within 2 years


  • Medically necessary return transport to the home country


  • Repatriation Benefit: up to € 10,000.-


  • Secondary liability up to 8 weeks


  • Private-Liability Benefit: up to € 2,000,000.-


  • Optional Maternity Care Benefit Deductible € 750.- No waiting period under certain conditions


  • Territorial Scope:

For a complete list of benefits see the General and Special Terms and Conditions

The insurer will not pay for:

1. Pre-existing conditions: as pre-existing conditions count all illnesses and complaints existing and known to the insured person at the time of conclusion of contract, or of conclusion of a follow-up contract, and their foreseeable consequences, as well as all foreseeable consequences of illnesses and accidents of the insured person treated or diagnosed within the period of 12 months prior to the conclusion of contract which have or would have had required hospitalization and / or medical treatment and / or medications. The above definition of pre-existing conditions applies also in particular to any kind of chronic illnesses as well as existing dental defects and defective vision.

2. birth defects and congenital illnesses. Birth defects are deemed to include hereditary conditions.

3. disturbances and defects of reproductive organs; including infertility, artificial insemination and connected preventive medical examination and follow-up treatment.

4. mental illnesses, psychiatric and psychological disorders, all elimination examinations and all diseases caused by and/or related to mental diseases as well as all psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic treatments.

5. Tuberculosis, AIDS and all diseases caused by and/or related to HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, all tropical diseases including but not limited to malaria, yellow fever, cholera, dysentery, leprosy.

6. diseases, actions and accidents including their consequences resulting from willful intent (e.g.: self-inflicted injury, suicide, abuse of alcohol, drug addiction or abuse) as well as for withdrawal treatment including withdrawal cures.

7. Loss of self-government or in case of necessary safe custody of the insured person, the stay and / or non-medical care which is provided at home, in a recreation or nursing home, in a psychiatric care facility or an similar institution.

8. diseases including their consequences as well as for the consequences of accidents and for deaths that are caused by nuclear, biological or chemical contamination, active participation in war, warlike events, riots or criminal activity.

Following types of treatment are excluded from the cover:

1. Prostheses, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, bandages and all aids.

2. Electric and physical medical treatment: physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, massages, hydrotherapy and packs, thermotherapy, electrotherapy and phototherapy.

3. Alternative medicine (osteopathy, chiropractic, etc.).

4. Transplants and all related costs.

5. for cure and sanatorium treatment as well as measures of rehabilitation, unless otherwise agreed in 5.4.

6. Immunization measures.

7. Elective and/or cosmetic treatments (e.g. removal of warts).

8. Treatments or surgical procedures for visual corrections, e.g. laser surgery, refractive keratotomy (RK) and photorefractive keratotomy (PRK). Visual corrections are reimbursable if the treatment becomes necessary due to a disturbance, illness or injury (e.g. cataract or retinal detachment).

9. Any contraceptives (pill, spiral, etc.) and all consequences thereof as well as abortions.

10. Any missed vaccinations in accordance with our vaccination schedule and missed early detection check-ups U1-U9.

11. Operative and hormonal adjustment of the biological sexual characteristics to the opposite sex.

12. Reports, attestations, estimates, insofar these are to be provided by the insured person or policy holder.

13. Treatment by a family member and any auto therapy including prescription of drugs.

14. Any benefit, treatment and expenses not particularly covered and specified in the general and special terms.

4 Steps for your insurance

1. Please fill in and submit the following Application Form. Attach a copy of your scholarship confirmation / invitation letter or confirmation of enrolment.

2. The IHC-Company S.A. will send you a confirmation letter with your personal Policy Number, an Insurance Summary and a Cover Confirmation.

3. Please remit the premium due only after your arrival in Germany to the below mentioned account and advise us your German address.

Accountholder: IHC-Company S.A.
Bank name: Volksbank Trier
IBAN: DE11 5856 0103 0000 3041 86
Reason for transfer: ISHCP (including your insurance number)

4. Within 14 days after receiving your first premium, you will receive your policy documentation including a SEPA direct debit mandate, so that all further payments will be easier for you.



* = compulsory

(Valid file formats: .jpg, .pdf)

(e.g.: additional children, varying insurance periods, etc.)

4 Steps for your insurance

Step 1

Please fill in the Application Form and return it immediately.

Step 2

The IHC-Company S.A. will send you a cover confirmation with your personal Policy Number and the first premium due.

Step 3

When you arrive in Germany, please remit the first premium due to the below mentioned account and advise us your German address.

Step 4

After the first premium due has been credited to the above account, you will get your policy documentation including a SEPA direct debit mandate, so that all further payments will be easier for you.


Regarding application and contract matters:

Regarding benefit and reimbursement matters: