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As a foreign scholarship holder, award winner, visiting scientist as well as doctoral student, student or language student, we can arrange the right health insurance for your time in Germany.

Die Experten für Krankenversicherung für Studenten, Gastwissenschaftler, Stipendiaten und Co während Ihres Aufenthalts in Deutschland.


We will find the right health insurance for your time in Germany.

It is not easy for foreign scientists to find a suitable health insurance in Germany without an employment relationship. For this reason, we have made it our business to offer non-German citizens working at a German research institution suitable, specially tailored rates from various insurers.

A fair price-performance ratio is just as important to us as optimally coordinated offers for scholarship holders, award winners and visiting scientists as well as major research institutions, Max Planck Institutes and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. For foreign scholarship holders, award winners and visiting scientists as well as doctoral students, students and language students, we also offer affordable health insurance with additional private liability insurance.


Tariff ISHCP

International Science HealthCare Plan
Stays up to a maximum of 4 years

Duration: 1 – 48 months
From EUR 60.00 per month


Short Term Travel HealthCare Plan
Stays up to a maximum of 3 months

Duration: 1 – 92 days
From EUR 1.90 per day

Tariff FlexMed
Global Impat

Especially for foreign scholarship holders of:

Duration: 3 – 60 months
e.g. from EUR 188.86 per month
(for a 20-year-old person)

Customer Feedback

Ghulam Rabbani Osmani
Ghulam Rabbani Osmani
Thank you so much to International HealthCare Company S.A. I strongly suggest this insurance to everyone who wants to be part of this team. I personally thank so much this team and Mr. Christoph Herter. Best Regards. Ghulam Rabbani Osmani DaF-Lehrkraft
Carolina Firacative
Carolina Firacative
I used it while I was living in Germany and the service was outstanding! They were very considered when I went through a very special health situation and even helped me with expensive examinations.
Lin Tian
Lin Tian
Since I did't have a health insurance before I got preganent, I swith to IHC who helps me out. Therefore I am thankful for it.
Masiiwa Gunda
Masiiwa Gunda
At a time when my family and I needed expensive medical treatment and assistance, IHC came through for us. Our daughter was delivered and we did not feel the burden and I was hospitalized comfortably knowing that IHC had me covered. Thank you IHC for making our stay in Germany memorable!
Waraporn Wic
Waraporn Wic
Excellent service.
Lianet De la Cruz
Lianet De la Cruz
The International Science HealthCare Plan (ISHCP) has covered all the medical care we have received so far, both my partner, while accompanying during my reaserch stay in Germany, and myself. A month ago she accidentally lost a tooth and immediately went to a dentist where the remains of the tooth were surgically extracted. Both this initial care and the follow-up visits she had were fully covered by IHC. (Although the total amount of dental care was not the maximum amount covered by the company for dental care in a year, we were not sure if follow-up visits would be covered, and fortunately they were). Another benefit that although I have not used so far, is also covered by IHC and is extremely important in Germany, is the third party damage insurance or private liability. The company is also flexible when it comes to short term coverage; for example, a friend of mine who was doing his PhD in Germany applied for this insurance for 1 month for him and his wife and it was granted without difficulty. Finally, I would like to point out that communication with IHC, whether for questions or for sending invoices, has always been in English, which has been a relief for me, as I am not yet fluent in German. For all of the above, if you are a scientist planning to spend 1 year in Germany with your partner like me, I highly recommend this insurance.
Tiago Russomanno
Tiago Russomanno
Nice option if you need a health insurance in Germany. Refund is always fast and without much bureaucracy.

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